We did this piece as a training video for Wegman's grocery store in partnership with Smithfield Hams.

Client: Wegman's
Location: Rochester, NY

Anti-Meth Campaign

This video was part of an Anti-Meth Campaign used across Tennessee and part of Ohio for Centerstone. The real challenge on this shoot was to keep the head in the same place as we moved from one makeup state to another. Lots of grids were drawn on overhead transparencies. These pieces were cut in Premiere Pro CS3 and the special effects done with a "pro-summer" morphing program.

Client: Centerstone
Location: Nashville, TN

Futura XL-400 Video

This video was part of the launch campaign for this machine, the Singer Futura XL-400. We shot this one on the Red One, pretty cool stuff.

Client: Singer, Co.
Location: Nashville, TN

Sharper Image Response Sleep System

We shot this spot in and around historic downtown Franklin. The most challenging element on the shoot was keeping the talent awake in bed after a 5am call!

Client: Sharper Image
Location: Franklin, TN